Man-Machine Systems: A Review of Current Trends and Applications

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Edith Mgbemena


Man, and Machines play important roles towards the successful operation of a system. Man performs better than Machine at certain functions and vice versa. This paper presents a systematic review of the latest developments in Man-Machine systems, the current trends and engineering applications towards novel human–machine systems and intelligent cybernetic systemapplications.In the study, improvement on human machine interaction was found to now focus onhuman-robotic collaborations and the application of cybernetics in solving varying problems. These improvements showcased the use of the science of communication and automatic control systems in both machines and living things. Applications such asvision (light) based technologies, acoustic based technologies, brain computer interfacing, Electromyography (EMG) based, and tactile technology were identified in the work.This study is of great importance to theIndustrial Engineers, Transportation Sector, Medical Personnel, Homes and Entertainment systems, as well as anyone involved in the design and implementation of Man-Machine systems.

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