Evaluating the Impact of Climate Change on Marine Transportation

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Emmanuel A Owoputi


This study is aimed at identifying the impacts of climate change on world’s maritime industries with its impacts on transportation, the role of sea level rise on erosion accretion in coastal belt and the possible remedial correction for the threats of climate change to the water transportation industries. The study was carried out basis on secondary resources and the use of qualitative methodology approach to find out some solutions that can be adapt to the problems. Climate change is a global threat for many reasons, with more intense heat waves and hurricanes facing our planet earth which is increasingly threatening the continuous existence of life on earth. This research was carried out on climate change and its impacts on transportation sector’s contribution to global warming .System Analysis was used to link climate change and maritime transport. The study suggests necessary development plan and formulated policies to get optimum benefits out of the new navigating routs in the sea. Alternatives to emission targets reduction of GHG emission. Formulate effective adaptation and mitigation policies and implement it without delay was recommended.

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