Process Optimization and Kinetics Study of Locally Produced Activated Carbon from Carica Papaya Seeds on Methylene Blue Adsorption

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Christopher A Idibie


The process optimization of methylene blue removal from aqueous solution using a locally produced activated carbon from the seeds of carica papaya and its kinetics study were carried out. The effects of operating variables such as time, adsorbent dose, pH and temperature were investigated towards achieving the optimum process. Results showed that optimum time (50mins), optimum adsorbent dose (200mg), optimum pH (6.5) and optimum temperature (60oC) were needed to achieve an optimum equilibrium adsorption (320.14 mg/Lmg) of methylene blue from an initial methylene blue concentration of 350 mg/L, which amounted to percentage
removal of 91.46 %. The kinetic study however, showed that the adsorption process obeyed the pseudo first order.

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