Maritime Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Prospects of Female Entrepreneurs in Accessing Opportunities in the Nigerian Maritime Industry

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Mogbojuri Oluwagbenga


Maritime entrepreneurship plays a significant role in any economy that is accessible by sea. It
has contributed to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a nation, and it is a catalyst that
enhances employment opportunities and stimulates economic growth. Despite this, there are
untapped opportunities in the Nigerian maritime industry that are not accessible by female
entrepreneurs. This paper, therefore, examines the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs
in accessing the untapped opportunities in the Nigerian maritime Industry. Data collection is
via online questionnaires from 100 respondents. One way ANOVA was used to analyse the
collected data. The result shows that lack of finance with the f value of 543.656 is the greatest
and is statistically significant among the variables identified. Then, followed by lack of
education with f value of 424.178, gender disparity with f value 243.412, Unhealthy business
environment with f value of 196.271, lack of support with f value of 139.882, cultural
differences with 150.375 and family pressure with 83.515. Therefore, lack of funds is one of
the major problems affecting female entrepreneurs in accessing untapped opportunities in the
Nigerian maritime industry. It was recommended that female entrepreneurs should be
encouraged and motivated by implementing policy programmes to promote female
entrepreneurship in the Nigerian maritime sector.

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