Application of an Integrated CRITIC-EDAS Method in Optimal Anchoring Operations of Horizontally Loaded Offshore Structures on a Medium Clay Seabed

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T. C. Nwaoha


Floating offshore structures are dynamic structures influenced by environmental loads. This study entails optimization of anchoring operations on horizontally loaded offshore structures on a medium clay seabed location. In view of this, an integrated CRITIC-EDAS method is employed. The anchor alternatives considered in this study are the drag-embedment, dead weight, piles and the vertical load anchor types. The considered anchor types are analyzed using four basic criteria such as cost, ultimate holding capacity of the anchor, suitability for the loading direction, and the seabed suitability. A CRITIC method is used as a tool for assignment of weights to the criteria, while the EDAS method is utilised in evaluation and ranking of the anchor alternatives. The result obtained, showed that the drag-embedment anchor is the best alternative with an appraisal score of 1.

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