Smart City: Implementing a Clean Environment as aPanacea for Healthy Living

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Patrick Oshevire


Rapid increase in population, has led to the improper waste management in cities resulting in increased pests and spreading of diseases. Nowadays, the Garbage Collecting Vehicle (GCV) collects the waste once in a week. So, the problem is overflowing of wastages on the roads. Hence, to overcome this limitation, this project was born. The aim of this project work is to design and construct a Smart Waste Bin, a system capable of detecting the presence of human and automatically open the bin for disposal, when the bin is full it prevents users from accessing the bin and automatically sends an SMS notification to appropriate waste disposal agency. In this design, Automatic control of the waste bin was achieved by using Ultrasonic sensors to sense the trash level, PIR sensor to detect the presence of human, SIM800L to send SMS notifications, an electromagnetic lock to keep the bin in lock position and a microcontroller programmed to compute and monitor the entire system. The system was able to successfully detect the level of trash, open the lid when human presence is sensed within, close the lid when the bin is filled, send an SMS alert to waste disposal agency, and successfully display the system happenings on an LCD screen. The design and construction of the “smart waste bin,” using PIC16F887 microcontroller was successfully achieved, and it is a better alternative to the manual disposal of waste that is typical of the modern-day home. It is cheap, reliable, and flexible.

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