Performance Analysis of a Flat Plate Solar Collector in a Multi-Panel Configuration System

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F. O. Abhulimen


Energy usage world- wide has been on the increase to the extent that fossil fuel resources are depleting. In Nigeria, price increase of this fossil fuel (oil and gas) has made the populace turning to the use of wood as fuel thereby causing desert encroachment. With these trends in energy usage, solar is conceived as alternative to these fuels.In this study a double glazed collector and single glazed collector was designed and using existing model (theoretical and experimental) was used to determine the effects of glazing cover arrangement on the performance of solar collector. Tests showed that the double glazed single panel collector, was able to heat water to an average maximum temperature of 980C and for the single glazed double panel collector, it was 840C in a clear weather condition for the same amount of water of 120 litres.

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