Computational Analysis of Cross Polarization on KU-Band Satellite Links over Jos, Nigeria

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Aminu Ibrahim


This paper presents the computational analysis of cross polarization on KU-Band satellite links. The depolarization effects on satellite links are described in terms of cross polar discrimination (XDP). The differential phase shifts mainly responsible for causing depolarization at Ku-band due to scattering by spheroidal raindrops wascomputed. Simultaneous analyses of sample data from Ku-band, EUTELSALAT (W4/W7) satellite beacon footprint at a frequency of 12.245 GHZ and elevation angle of 0360 E over Jos (9.89650 N, 8.85830 E, 1192M) were analyzed. Also the distribution of one minute rain rate obtained from Davis Vantage Vue Integrated Sensors Suites (ISS) weather station was computed. These data were applied to the ITU-R procedure in recommendation 618-12(ITU-R, 2015) to estimate the cross polarization discrimination due to rain on earth satellite path. The results shows that XPD at lowervalue imply very high incidences and cross talks are expected in the region. As such frequency re-use is difficult in Jos, Nigeria.

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