Development and Implementation of a Fuel-Less Power Generator with an Initial Alternating Current Start Up

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Emmanuel Okhueleigbe


The erratic power outages have become a great challenge to the power engineers as it limits developmental growth of every country. It is of a greater challenge to supply energy in a country where the population is far beyond the generated energy due to increase in energy demand and this has led to various method of load shedding of energy supply to the load centers by utility supplies in a bit to see how the available energy can be distributed for all to have a fill of it.The non-environmentally friendly pollutant from the generating stations is also a very important issue to be investigated.This paper discusses the use of fuel less generator in addressing the inadequately of power supply by utility.Suppliers to its customers and addressing the challenges associated from pollution generated in the course of generating electricity by the use of a primer mover to generate electrical energy from an alternator. The prime move, shaft, gear box was connected directly with the alternator to generate electricity when the start bottom is turned on to generate an output supply of 220v.

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