A Real-TimeWeb-basedAir Quality Monitoring System for Air Pollutant Detection in Ubeji, Delta State, Nigeria

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Ogundepo Oludare


Proper monitoring of environmental air parameters is necessary to create awareness of how some of our activities affect the quality of air around us, in addition to alerting us to take necessary precautions that will preserve our health and wellness and sustainlife. Hence in this paper, a real-timeair quality monitoring system for air pollutant detection was designed and developed. The system uses the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor and the MQ series sensors to measure environmental air parameters like temperature and humidity, the amount of smoke present in the environment, and the concentrations of gases like CO, H2S, and NH3gases detected in Ubeji area of Delta State in Nigeria. The real-time sensed data is processed by the ATmega328P microcontroller,displayed on anLCD andsent via the ESP32 Wi-Fi module unit to a webserver where the data is stored. This makes it possible to have a picture of the acquired data in real time to ensure adequate monitoring of the air quality and it serves as a database for future reference.

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