Evaluation of Potential Stranded Gas Assets in Akam Oilfield of the Niger-Delta Area using 3D Seismic, Well Log and Gas Data

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Victor Olaseni


The analysis of gas in Akamoilfield of Niger Delta in Nigeria was carried out with a view to evaluate the stranded gas resources using seismic, well log and gas production data. Seis-works and Stratworks Software were used to interpret 3D seismic and well log data respectively while Microsoft Excel was used to analyze gas production data. The integration of well and seismic data identified 3 main lobes and channel systems which are the major reservoir polygons. The well logs reveal that some of the sands are well developed while most of the reservoirs are clean with little or no shale intercalations. The amplitude analysis of the two reservoirs studied indicates that the A1X main reservoir is gas with typical gas value 4 to 6 while A1XX reservoir comprises oil, gas and brine with typical values 3.5, 4 to 6 and 1.5 respectively. The log signatures of well NX_Lag1which penetrated the A1X reservoir has a Net to gross of 0.95 and 1 while the A1XX ODT at 3200m for NX_Lag1ST has Gross of 50m, net to gross of 64%, Porosity of 22% and hydrocarbon saturation of 60%. The study established the presence of hydrocarbon (gas) in the study area while the amplitude response and AVO products of the main geobody are of excellent quality. The analysis of gas production data also revealed the under-utilization of gas resources which calls for optimal solution in converting our vast gas resources to wealth.

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