Design and Implementation of an Industrial and Residential Temperature Based Fuzzy Logic Controlled Fan

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Donatus Onyishi


This paper presents a dual-mode fuzzy logic controlled electric fan which can be used for both residential homes and industrial purposes (such as Oil and Gas heat exchangers, Pharmaceutical storage system etc.). The speed of a fan is controlled based on the temperature of the environment using fuzzy logic which was designed using LABVIEW software and programmed onto an Atmel Atmega328p microcontroller. More so, the constructed system consistsof a temperature sensor DTH11, a power supply rail of 5/12V, a 12V DC fan, power driver L298N for the 12V DC fan. The speed of the fan was controlled based on the temperature of the room aided by the DTH11 sensor and the fuzzy logic rules embedded in the microcontroller. To vary the speed of the fan automatically with changes in the temperature of the room, two modes; domestic and industrial modes were implemented. For bothindustrial and domestic modes, the fan enters the OFF state if the temperature of the room is cool i.e. the temperature range is -40oC – 8oC and 20oC – 26oCrespectively. The proposed prototype adequately controlled the temperature of the room setup from 37 oC to 25 oC and 37 oC to 27 oCwithout overshoots or steady-state error, within 10s using the industrial and domestic modes respectively.

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