Application of Artificial Intelligence for Facial Accreditation of Officials and Students for Examinations

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Ufuoma Okpeki


Examination is a crucial aspect in all educational institutions from primary
to the higher institutions of learning. Accreditation off officials and students
for any examination is a key to every institution in order to curb impersonation,
exams malpractice and prompt start off of examinations. Facial recognition
technology is now being introduced across various aspect of public life
to address issues of security in us cooperate organizations and institutions.
This backdrop motivated this application development for facial accreditation
of officials and students for examinations. The methods used in the application
development are, deep learning for computer vision algorithm, hypertext
markup language (HTML5), Cascaded style sheets (CSS3), JAVASCRIPT
and python/flask. JAVASCRIPT were used for the front-end and python/
flask was used for the back-end developments. The results of the developed
application were satisfactory, it works in accordance to purpose and design

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