Design and Implementation of a Solar Powered Electric Cooker

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A. J. Ogbekhiulu


This paper presents the design and implementation of a solar powered electric
cooker which seeks to address and provide a lasting solution to deforestation
due to cutting of trees for cooking purposes, and therefore, reduce the amount
of CO2 emissions into the environment of a developing country such as
Nigeria. The solar powered electric cooker was designed and implemented
using the heating chamber, the battery, the charge controller, and solar panel
with its stand. The cooking chambers together with the battery and charge
controller are coupled together. A 5mm heat resistance coated glass is placed
on top of the cooking chambers, so that the heat does not get direct contact
with the user and immediate environment. Whenever the switch connected to
the system is switched in its ON position, the heated element gradually gets
heated up and is set for usage. The charge controller has an inbuilt
mechanism that helps to monitor the battery level and whenever the level
drains below 10VDC it cuts off the battery from the system to avoid further
drains. Performance evaluation was carried out using digital thermometer
and 1 kg of water. The result obtained experimentally from solar powered
electric cooker and other cooking medium was compared and recorded. 302
KJ quantity of heat is required in 22min to boil 1 kg of water. From
calculations and observation, it has been proved that heat loss due to
radiation was the highest followed by conduction and convection.

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