Gas-To-Plant Installation Analysis Using Well Performance Data

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Wilfred Okologume


Gas-to-Plant is a system of transportation of natural gas in which gases from
wellheads are delivered directly to the power plant for power generation
without passing through the flow station or any gas gathering/treatment
plant. The study utilized data from 88 General Electric gas turbines and 64
SIEMENS gas turbines as provided by the Manufacturing companies. Well
data were collected and a model for determining the fuel requirement of gas
turbines based on specific parameters was developed. Models for determining
the quantity of electricity that can be generated based on any given well
performance information were also developed for both Combined Cycle and
Simple Cycle gas turbine types. A computer application software “Falcon”
that allows for quality installation analysis, and accurate selection of gas
turbines for power generation was developed. The software utilized the
developed models from this study and decline equations from literature,
inheriting a power output prediction absolute error margin of 3% and 5%
for Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle gas turbines respectively. The
deviation was large because the data were obtained from different gas turbine
manufacturers. The study results suggest the exact type(s) of gas turbine
power plant that will generate a required quantity of electricity over the
estimated remaining life of the given well. This study shows that, if properly
conditioned, single wells can be used for the generation of electricity via a gasto-
plant technique.

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