Modeling Effective Maintenance Strategy using RCM with Risk Maintenance

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P T Elijah


This study was done with the aim of modeling effective maintenance strategy using
reliability centered maintenance with risk maintenance. The primary data obtained were
analyzed in MS excel and MATLAB computational environment in line with the modeled
equations of reliability and maintainability condition of a selected rotodynamic system
(pump) of a selected petrochemical company in Rivers State, Nigeria. The maintenance
strategies were selected from among scheduled maintenance (SM), condition-based
maintenance (CbM), proactive maintenance (PrM) and design-out modification (DoM)
maintenance. The analysis for ranking of the maintenance alternatives for each component
of the pump showed that, the best maintenance strategy for bearing was scheduled
maintenance, the best maintenance strategy for impeller was condition-based maintenance,
the best maintenance strategy for mechanical seal was proactive maintenance and the best
maintenance strategy for the shaft was proactive maintenance. It is expected that the result
of this work will be of significant help for the strengthening of the application of RCM
integrated multi-decision analytic hierarchy process and risk-based maintenance model in
evaluating performance index of rotodynamic systems thereby creating effective
maintenance strategy.

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