Mechanization and Evaluation of Knife-Edged Palm Leaflets Peeling Process of Broom Production

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Mechanization of knife-edged peeling process of broom bristles production from coconut
and oil palm leaflets and its integration to a tethering system were accomplished in this
study. This upshots a prototype of integrated peeling-tethering machine comprising two
pairs of roller-feeders, a stripper and tethering module as basic components. The machine
processes both fresh and dry palm leaflets effectively with drudgery, risk and materials
‘wastes reduction potential surpassing those of the mechanized abrasive aided peeling based
broom processing systems. It operates with an average efficiency and benefit-cost ratio of
96% and 2.45 respectively. The throughput of this machine exhibits inverse proportional
profile with the length of leaflets processed. Thus, the innovation is technically and
economically viable for advancement of palm broom processing.

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