Quality Cost Appraisal of Locally Manufactured Distribution Cables with Rising Trend of Electrical Fire Outbreak in Nigeria

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A A Lewachi


This study assessed the sustainable parameters of electric distribution cables produced in
Nigeria to aid the elimination of hazards associated with overheating of inferior cables in
this country. This involved sampling of different gauges of fore brands (Wesco, Cutix, Scan
and Coleman) of Nigerian made house wiring/installation cables from major industrial
markets of his nation and testing them for conformity with NIS and IEEE specifications.
The gauge/cross sectional area of cables investigated ranges from 1mm2 to 16mm2 while
resistivity, elongation, flame retardant, tensile strength constitutes quality indicators
evaluated with prevailing market prices cost in Nigeria within November 2021. Results
showed that the four cable brands appraised conformed to set standards for tensile strength,
resistivity, and flame retardant with Cutix cables exhibiting top profiles. Wesco, Cutix and
Coleman cables exhibit low smoke and fume while scan revealed low smoke and halogen
free cable burning features. Coleman cable showed a linear relationship in the elongation
curve while Wesco, Cutix and Scan tend to follow the plasticity profile. Thus, proper care
must be taken during installation of Coleman cables to avoid damage to the cable surface.
Cutix cables are most expensive among all gauges due to their high copper content of their
conductor material compared to other sampled brands.

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