Preliminary Survey of Health Hazard Associated with Telecommunication Mast Installations close to Residencial Buildings in Auchi, Etsako Edo State, Nigeria

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A E Abdullahi


The health effect of Electromagnetic radiations (ERs) from Telecommunication Mast
installed in residential area has become subject of debate in Nigeria. This study portrays the
effect of Mast installation to Human Health within Auchi Environment. This study
evaluates/ investigates the health effect on residents around the Mast. A self-structure
questionnaire was administered randomly to resident selected within service to the erected
Mast in Auchi Metropolis. Five hundred (500) questionnaires were administered but three
hundred and forty (340) were received and analyzed. Analysis indicates that residents close
to the study area experience physiological, environmental, and physiological effects and
there was significant effects of generator noise, vibration, headache, and others. The study
further makes recommendation to National Communication Commission (NCC) to enforce
laws related to Mast location in residential neighborhood to reduce to minimal
indiscriminate locations. The study established that there are Health effect of Mast
radiation and minimizing them will improve healthy living.

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