Socio-Ecobomic Patronage Pattern of Tourism Development in Nigeria:A Case Study of Ekiti State

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Nigeria is endowed with a wealth of rich and varied human, natural and cultural resources which are great asset to the country's development, Economic diversification aids a nation with high population growth rate like Nigeria rather than a being mono economic State. Tourism and Recreational activities have great potentials as alternative to over dependence on oil. An investigation to the Tourism facilities in the state revealed that most of the facilities are underutilized and there is need to put them into full utilization by employing other resources input and stakeholders to invest in the industry. Chi-square test and simple percentage were employed to analyse the questionnaire to investigate the patronage pattern of the tourism facilities in the study area. It was deduced that if the facilities were fully utilized, there are potentials for economic turnaround for the state, locally manufactured goods and farm produce will be fully patronised by the Tourist, transport sector and food vendors, Hotels and Guest house would also gain high patronage and thereby increase the Gross Domestic product (GDP) of the State. Government and other stakeholders should be encouraged to put to check few challenges in the area such as Security issues and other infrastructural facilities that may discourage the Tourists and other Investors.

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