Evaluation of Wind Energy Potentials in the Nigerian Onshore and Offshore Locations

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Agbakwuru Jasper


The wind velocity, direction and characteristics in four (4) different locations of shallow and deep water offshore of Nigeria have been studied. The work evaluates wind energy potential in the vast Nigerian onshore and offshore with respect to power and annual energy output and capacity factor for most common existing state-of-the-art industry turbines. Wind measurements were taken at 10meter above sea level. Based on the monthly mean wind speed computations, the annual mean power densities are presented for the four (4) locations. The computations were made with the aid of Matlab, Excel and Labplot software. Following the parameters obtained from the computations, seven (7) wind turbine models are evaluated for electricity generation.The minimum required designparameters for wind turbine viability for electricity generation in each location are also examined.It is observed that wind power resources increases with distance from shore to offshore similar to the rest of the world. It is however noted that the value of the wind resource is relatively less in Nigeria offshore to warrant the use of floating systems with the attendant operational cost as it is presently the case in Europe, America and Asia. The work identified POLARIS 62-100 as a preferred turbine model over other models with greater wind potential in BongathanAsabo followed byBonny and Forcados (onshore).

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