Analysis of the Quality of Petroleum Products from different Retail Outlets in Ughelli North, Delta State, Nigeria

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Physiochemical analysis of petroleum products was carried out on premium motor
spirit (PMS), automated gas oil (AGO) and dual purpose kerosene (DPK) procured
from two licensed (filling station) and one unlicensed (black-market) sales outlet.
The parameters that were analyzed for specific gravity at 60°F, API gravity,
density, kinematic viscosity, flash points, fire points, pour points, and cloud point.
All tests were carried out using standard procedures of American Society for
testing and materials (ASTM) and the results obtained were compared with
reference standards from Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
laboratory. The experimental results for PMS, AGO and DPK across sampled sales
outlet for specific gravity ranged between 0.74 and 0.75, 0.82 and 0.84, 0.74 and
0.81 for API gravity; 48.1 and 79.1, 33.8 and 77.0, 41.5 and 59.5; for Kinematic
viscosity; 1.11 and 3.08, 3.33 and 5.33, 1.30 and 3.19 for AGO's pour point; 2.50
and 4.60 for AGO and DPK flash point; 51and 93, 22 and 52 for AGO and DPK
fire point; 22 and 52, 24 and 54 respectively. The paper posited that there was large
deviation in most of the physio-chemical parameters studied on the samples gotten
from the unlicensed sales outlet (black market) suggesting presence of adulterants.

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