The Effects of Welding Current Gas Flow Rate and Welding Voltage on the Metal Flow Velocity Using Response Surface Methodology

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The need for numerical models to further improve understanding of welding properties is of great importance to welding researchers. RSM is a very significant technique applied in the Manufacturing, Metallurgical and Materials industries that employ mathematical and artificial intelligent methods. This paper is on Tungsten inert gas process parameters. Effect of welding current, gas flowrate and welding voltage on metal flow velocity using RSM .The main input parameters considered are welding current, gas flowrate and welding voltage, whereas the response parameter is metal flow velocity. The statistical design of experiment was done using the central composite design technique. The experiment was carried out 20 times with 5 weldments per experiment. The response was measured and recorded. From the result, it was observed that current of 160Amp, Voltage of 9Volts, Gas Flowrate of 10Lit/min, results in welding process with the Metal Flow Velocity of 0.017m/s.

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