A Pilot Study to Enhance Semi Urban Tele Penetration and Services Provision for Undergraduates via the Effective Design and Extension of a Campus Telephony

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Inherent challenges in IP-networks constitutes a major milestone in the convergence of info and communication technology. The advent of 3G and IP-telephony birthed Voice over Internet Protocol as a medium to effectively share data resources protocol amongst connected users. IP-telephony provides a range of multi-service technologies allowing the integration of data solutions onto a converged network via supporting hardware, software and open-source protocols used to control and manage data, voice and video sessions. We propose a VoIP-based telephony for the Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun – to help improve campus tele-penetration and provide users with a range of benefits while resolving the issues of latency, packet loss and jitters. Its benefits includes rich media streaming support for blended-learning, unified messaging etc – as it provides support network resilience, economy, flexibility, mobility and productivity for users. Result shows framework resolves the issues of latency, packet loss and jitters.

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