Student’s Perception and Assessment of the Dennis Osadebay University Asaba Website for Academic Information Retrieval, Improved Web Presence, Footprints and Usability

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With an upsurge of data by global brands to interact/reach prospective clients, the birth of the Internet has today bridged the information gap. Usability is a webometric feature that seeks to ascertain the experience and convenience level of users who interact with a web based system. It solicits user perception about a digital product and scores vital aspects therein, based on certain criteria. With the website as the digital product of choice, it will seek to score the design and architecture. Thus, the website's deployment must change, reshape and refocus a user’s image while satisfying the user’s search quest for data about the institution. Our study is an investigation of website usability based on some criteria that describes usability of academic websites with a focus on the Dennis Osadebay University Anwai Asaba, Nigeria. Result shows the strengths and weaknesses (problems cum prospects) of the websites in relation to redesigning and improving the university website. Its major strength is in its content and architecture; While, the site struggled to ensure effective search, navigation, design and others. Findings suggest that the FUPRE websites is lacking in various usability areas.

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