Development of an IoT-based Wireless Remote Health Monitoring Device

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The design and deployment of an internet of things-based wireless remote health monitoring device for continuous monitoring of patients’ vitals are presented in this paper. The device makes use of a MAX30102 pulse oximeter sensor which measures the temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation of an individual, transforms these measured physical quantities into electrical signals, and transmits them to the NodeMCU for processing. Using Google Firebase cloud technology, the data is uploaded to the cloud. The results are displayed on a TFT LCD, and before the vitals get to the preset thresholds, a mobile app notification is received at intervals by the doctor and caregiver’s mobile devices via the built-in Wi-Fi module. Thus, the individual can be given prompt medical attention. The results obtained from the developed IoT-based health monitoring device are compared with the results obtained from the standard measuring devices used in two different medical centers and the values were found to be very close, showing that the developed IoT-based device closely match the standard.

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