Design Consideration and Analysis of an Improved Feather Plucking Machine for Domestic Applications

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Ifeanyi Ashiedu


Over the years, feather plucking of birds of all types and varieties are always done manually without specific attention to the health related challenges associated with such practices. Again, the quality of the processed birds and quantity required were not of interest. Today, the health implications, unit cost of de feathering, the quality and quantity of processed birds are of interest and paramount importance to farmers. Hence, this work is aimed at designing and manufacturing a modernized ergonomically friendly feather plucking machine using locally available materials. The method adopted for this research work include the selection of appropriate materials, including, hard wood for framing the machine, high density food grade plastic drum carefully manipulated to form the housing cavity. Other locally made materials used for the construction include, tapered plucking fingers made of rubbers, plastic pipes and fittings. Also, the desired electric motor to drive the system using appropriate pulleys and belts were selected using appropriate mathematical models. Result showed that at an operating speed of 300 rpm, birds with average weight of 1.5 kg soaked in water for about 85 degrees Celsius for 6 minutes were de feathered in 20 seconds. Other results showed that the weight, temperature of the water, the speed of the motor and the duration of soaking of the bird in water were all important variables to be addressed to enhance the efficiency of the machine and the quality of dressed birds.

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