Design and Implementation of a Whiteboard Web-Application Using Block Chain Technology

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The decentralized whiteboard application using New Kind of Network (NKN) is a real time collaborative application. Decentralized whiteboard uses NKN as a peer-to-peer network layer which is optimized to manage network resources. Decentralized applications create an innovative open-source software ecosystem which is both secure and resilient. Presently, when majority of researchers want to access information on the network, they often face the risk of learning online and some of the challenges they encountered are high bandwidth usage, high CPU usage, physical connectivity issues, malfunctioning devices, domain name server (DNS) issues and interference in the wireless network. The method adopted involves the breaking down of its compositional sub-system in a reverse engineering fashion. The top-down model helps researchers to write the main procedure that names all the major function needed in developing the decentralized whiteboard web-application. The results obtained shows that decentralized whiteboard has given software developers ability to reuse code in various program fragments and also provided better connectivity for their users. In conclusion, it is recommended that institution of higher learning can adapt this as a learning tool to aid a better learning experience in their institutions of higher learning.

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