An Rf-Based Control System for Limiting Vehicular Speed in Populated Area

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Many vehicle drivers violate the approved speed limit given by road traffic regulatory agency in populated areas and this has caused accidents leading to loss of lives and property. This paper presents the design and development of a control system that automatically reduces a vehicle’s speed that has exceeded the approved speed limit in a given region. The system works with Radio Frequency communication between Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards that are coded with the approved speed limits and installed at different regions along the road, and an RFID card reader installed in the vehicle and connected to a microcontroller that controls the operation of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) responsible for causing acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle. When a vehicle comes in contact with an RFID card, the RFID card reader decodes the coded speed limit and sends to the microcontroller to process. The developed system was installed in a robotic vehicle and when tested, the vehicle speed was maintained when it was lower than the approved speed limit. When it exceeded the limit, the ECU automatically reduced the vehicle speed to the approved limit.

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