Development of an IoT based Air Quality Monitoring System

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People are becoming conscious of their environment to maintain good health of body and mind. The main cause of the present day most dangerous diseases can be attributed to poor environmental conditions such as air pollution. The consequences of air this pollution can never be over emphasized, it is known to be the cause of diseases such as dementia, heart attacks, and strokes, to mention but a few. This work presents an IoT based framework that will effectively monitor environmental changes using the developed hardware that comprises of microcontroller, sensors, and IoT based software. With this framework, users can monitor humidity and be alerted of the presence of harmful gases in the environment to health. The IoT based framework was developed using Blynk IoT to provide vital information to the user. The user will also be able to set up a notification for serious shifts in the data gotten from the sensors. Compared to other existing systems, the proposed system is low cost, accurate, and user
friendly. It is also cloud based and its monitoring and data visualization modules are easy. The system was tested and evaluated at three distinct stages (rainy day, sunny day, and on the application of gas pollutants) using the alpha test method. After the testing of all the functions in the different conditions, the result revealed 70.7% humidity and 206 ppm of Air Quality on a sunny day. 51.5% humidity and 198 ppm on a rainy day and 66.5% humidity and 363 ppm air quality on the application of air pollutants.

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