Determination of Heavy Metals Concentration in Wastewater of Warri Refinery and Petrochemicals Company (WRPC)

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Wastewater from some industries contains high levels of contaminant such as colloid, suspended, and dissolved minerals. Heavy metals have negative impact on all forms of life in the environment. Crude oil refining makes use of large volume of water, whence generate large quantities of wastewater which must comply with stringent environmental guidelines. To this end, several treatment methods have been explored to keep contaminants levels within limits. This study investigated the presence of heavy metals in discharged wastewater effluents from the premises of Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company LTD into the Ubeji creek. The analysis was carried out using the Flame Atomic Adsorption Spectrometry method. Standard solutions used for calibration were prepared for the five heavy metals analysed. Results showed average concentrations of chromium was….The results showed that effluent water from WRPC has concentrations of heavy metals within acceptable limits for discharge into the environment.

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