Productization, Characterisation and Analysis of RX 100 motorcycle piston from End of Life Aluminium pistons

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Recycled Aluminium are top choice engineering materials due to their affordability and low-cost. The objective of this study is to design and develop an RX 100 motorcycle piston, characterise the piston material and conduct a thermo-mechanical analysis of the piston developed. The Piston investigated in this study was developed from end-of-life (EOL) recycled automobile Aluminium pistons. The piston materials were characterised using XRF and SEM-EDS to ascertain the elemental composition and morphology of the piston. A model of the piston was designed using SolidWorks, and the complete design imported in Ansys workbench for static analysis of piston. The main parameters considered in the analysis are the operating gas pressure and temperature of the piston. Results obtained in the study indicated that the end-of-life automobile Aluminium pistons performed excellently under static analyses.

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