Controlled Solar-Pneumatic Energy Storage System for Green Power Generation

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Godwin Uzedhe


This paper presents a controlled solar air storage system for electrical power generation in with renewable energy sources. Fossil fuel has been the main source of energy globally with its use currently facing diverse regulations due to environmental factors. Alternatively, the use of renewable energy sources has been emphasized and seems to be gaining more support. These renewable sources however require some storage media. Several storage media have been used over the years with limitations in cost, bulkiness and short operational duration. This research presents renewable energy storage and preservation in form of compressed air for micro-scale electric power generation at low cost. Here, energy drawn from the sun, through photovoltaic (PV) cells, is used to compress air into a cylinder from where it can be used to turn an air turbine at regulated pressures. The study shows that external environmental conditions may influence air pressure in the storage media and therefore requires consideration. Results obtained shows that compressed air pressure in the storage cylinder is logarithmic in nature and will attain maximum charge at a short period of time. Results also indicate that with appropriate control of the system’s operation, air pressure in the a storage cylinder can be maintained at regulated compressor temperature.

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